17/3 (15) Strategic Priorities

Global security and the digital economy

  • The paradigm of trust in geopolitics
  • Security and sustainable development
  • Financial-economic security
  • Priorities of the digital economy
  • Global security
  • Foundations of humanitarian knowledge
  • International forum «Army-2017»
  • International exhibition «INTERPOLITEX»


16/12 Strategic Priorities

Human priorities of the security

  • Priorities for global security
  • Information security of Russia
  • Culture and security
  • The new generation housing
  • Esthetics as science
  • Russian-Chinese university
  • Information security doctrine of the Russian Federation
  • «Analytics» club report


16/11 Strategic Priorities

Priorities of science and technology

  • Science and technology in the Russian national security strategy
  • Science and technology in the XXI century
  • Information anthropology
  • Technological strategy of  Russia
  • Health improvement of the nation: new technologies
  • Third industrial revolution in the EU
  • Foreign policy concept of  Russia
  • BRICS formation: Goa declaration