15/5 Strategic Priorities

Human security issues

  • Modern geopolitical situation
  • Information warfare around Ukraine
  • The new Russian military doctrine
  • The truth about the Great Patriotic War
  • Youth biosociology
  • Views of the Chinese leaders in the culture


14/4 Strategic Priorities

Current problems of culture

  • Valdai forum for world order
  • Culture and Security
  • China’s Cultural Policy
  • Globalization and Culture
  • Dialogue and partnership among civilizations
  • The lessons of the collapse of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union


14/3 Strategic Priorities

Culture Strategic Priorities

  • Culturological change security
  • The systemic crisis of culture
  • The cultural policy of Russia
  • BRICS Summit in Brazil
  • Analysis of development and security
  • Linguistic and Cultural Diversity


14/2 Strategic Priorities

National interests and priorities

  • The geopolitical strategy of the Russian Federation
  • Priorities of Russia until 2030
  • Economic strategy USA
  • Analytics for decisions
  • Russia and China: new stage of cooperation
  • “The winners together” – Film Festival in Sevastopol