Koshkin R. P.

The Paradigm of trust in geopolitics as a factor of global security

Examines the problem of trust in geopolitics, which is seen as a necessary condition of global security in the modern world. Special attention is given to international and inter-ethnic aspects of the problem, and the problem of trust in the government. It is shown that these aspects are the reasons observed in recent years of increasing international and social tensions. 

Health improvement of the nation and active longevity

Considers the problem of improvement of the man and the extension of the period of his active life and productive activities. It is shown that this problem today is very relevant and strategically important, as it is the person, its intellectual and creative potential is the main strategic resource of the development of civilization. Methods of modern medicine allow us to save this resource. It can also be used non-traditional methods of diagnostics and treatment of diseases.

Koshkin, R. P.

Koshkin, Ruslan P. – Dr. Sci. (Tech.), Professor, President of the Analytical center for strategic studies «Sokol», Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Moscow, Russia.

E-mail: RPK88@yandex.ru