The Structure and priorities of global security

Reviewed the current structure of problems of global security in the development of civilization in the XXI century. The role of humanitarian factors in solving these problems and set the priorities of the world community in the coming period. It is shown that in the first place, they should be aimed at preventing a new world war. The prerequisite for this is ensuring that the geopolitical and military balance between East and West, as well as further arms reduction and demilitarization of the economy. The following priorities are ensuring the compatibility with the biosphere of man and nature in the process of development of civilization, overcoming the systemic crisis of modern culture, and anthropological crisis, signs of which are becoming more prominent.

The vitality of the information society

Questions related to the notion of the vitality of the information society are considered. Definitions of the vitality of the information society and its infrastructure are given. The indicators of survivability of technical systems on which the information society is based and the information society are proposed. Measures are proposed to ensure the survivability of the systems that form the infrastructure of the information society.

Security of civilization in the context of sustainable development

The article analyzes the problem of interconnection of security and development and the establishment of the new security concept of values. The concept of sustainable development, introduced in the last decades, combines a unified system of conservation (security) and change (progressive development) of civilization with environmental conservation. Sustainable development in the broadest sense is seen as the safest type of evolution, which reduces to an acceptable level any negative impact on the civilization and the biosphere for the purpose of their conservation and coevolution. It is expected that in the future global world with sustainable development, most types of security, including national and global security, will be mainly provided not through the defense but through this type of the most secure development.

The Paradigm of trust in geopolitics as a factor of global security

Examines the problem of trust in geopolitics, which is seen as a necessary condition of global security in the modern world. Special attention is given to international and inter-ethnic aspects of the problem, and the problem of trust in the government. It is shown that these aspects are the reasons observed in recent years of increasing international and social tensions. 

The ideology of the digital society as a geopolitical strategy for establishing supranational control

The chronology of the events of the con. XX – beg. XXI centuries, formed the modern global information society. The review of international high-level agreements, as well as Russian documents aimed at the development of information technologies and their application in all spheres of life (state and municipal management, banks, health care, education, transport, etc.) is given.