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Social stability as a factor of national and global security

The problem of social stability of society, which is considered as an important factor of national and global security, is analyzed. The structure of this problem and the content of its individual components are shown. Examples of quantitative assessment of the level of social stability in the BRICS countries and the Eurasian economic Union, as well as in the USA and Sweden are given. The necessity of the state policy of increasing the level of social stability of the society is shown.

Social security as a basis of social policy of the Russian Federation

Social security is considered as the most important component of the national security of a social state. Her threats, regularities and trends in the dynamics of social stability, the principles of preserving social partnership, and key areas of preserving social security in Russia are listed. It is analyzed what is commonly understood as a “social state”, and how this category is related to the notion of “social security”. The indicators of the state of social security are being investigated. The social doctrine of the Russian Federation is seen as an instrument for ensuring social security.

The Problem of upbringing the young generation in the scientific work of Professor I. M. Ilyinsky

The article considers a complex problem of upbringing of the young generation and the results of its research in the scientific works of Professor I. M. Ilyinsky. The basic factors of development of modern society, which are now put forward this issue to the fore. It is shown that this problem is one of the most urgent and strategically important issues of the day, the solution of which depends the future of not only Russia but also other countries of the world.

What the Motherland begins with? Juvenile literature as the national security strategic priority

Modern world is characterized by informational transparency of state borders, spread of “soft power” and “color revolutions” technologies. In these circumstances development of national culture and preservation of civilizational identity become an important factor in order to provide national security of a state. Bringing-up of the younger generation in the atmosphere of native traditions, including spiritual, knowledge of Russia’s history and pride in its achievements – all this is taking on special significance. To be a patriot is to love one’s Motherland, but one can’t love something that he doesn’t know.