Educating the younger generation as the main strategic priority of Russia in XXI century

The article analyzes the difficult situation that has been created is now in the country with the spiritual and moral upbringing of the younger generation. Quotes Russian President Vladimir Putin and other leaders of the state and the Russian Orthodox Church on the need patriotic education of children, adolescents and young people, about the preservation of the historical memory of the nation and the continuity of generations. We consider the situation of the ideology of neoliberalism, focusing on the actual destruction of the foundations of our state and the traditional moral and ethical values. Expressed ideas about the necessity of state ideology, and provides suggestions on reforming the current controversial article 13 of the Constitution.

The Generations Continuity in Russia’s development strategy

We consider the economic, social and humanitarian aspects of the problem of ensuring the continuity of generations in Russia in the field of science, education and high technologies. It is shown that these problems are directly related to the actual problems of the national security of the country, the need to strengthen its military-industrial complex, as well as the revival of patriotic and moral education of youth in the Russian society.