The Modern world and security priorities

Explores the key security challenges of the development of civilization in the XXI century, which manifest themselves in the form of a set of new global challenges and threats. The importance and productivity of humanitarian approach to the analysis of these problems, allowing to identify their main causes. Underlines the strategic importance of global studies and the role of science in solving problems of global security.

The future as a problem of scientific research

A global catastrophe can only be prevented through proactive decisions and actions, which significantly increases the attention to the study of the future. Turn to the future in science and other fields, the authors consider the process of futurization, and rassmatrivaetsya also a form of accelerated futurization, including those with advanced reflection and development. Special attention is paid to this type of futurization as a higher form of activity and rapid development, which leads to increasing interest in futurology and the problem of forecasting, foresight and other future studies.

The Problem of upbringing the young generation in the scientific work of Professor I. M. Ilyinsky

The article considers a complex problem of upbringing of the young generation and the results of its research in the scientific works of Professor I. M. Ilyinsky. The basic factors of development of modern society, which are now put forward this issue to the fore. It is shown that this problem is one of the most urgent and strategically important issues of the day, the solution of which depends the future of not only Russia but also other countries of the world.