Quality education and scientific methodology of Shatalov in the conditions of information society

The article shows the importance of the quality of education and human capital in the conditions of the formation of the information society. The analysis of individual results of the reform and the General state of the secondary education system is carried out. It is shown that the situation in this area takes the character of a model crisis of education, the main reasons and its consequences are indicated. The importance of the fundamental laws of transmission and natural understanding of information for obtaining deep and solid knowledge, the implementation of the principles of “Pedagogy of cooperation”is proved. The main advantages of V. F.’s pedagogical system are described. Shatalov and methods of Soviet teachers-innovators in the information society. The algorithm for creating and developing the school’s own digital educational environment and its main elements is presented. The ways of application and dissemination of V. F. Shatalov’s system and other innovative teaching methods in the education system are shown.