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The World is on the threshold of global change

The main trends in the global evolution of society, man and his environment in the XXI century are analyzed. It is shown that these trends are revolutionary and in the coming decades will lead to radical transformations in almost all spheres of society. At the same time, the projected changes are both positive and negative and therefore create for the individual and society not only new unprecedented opportunities for its development, but also new challenges, threats and dangers. To effectively counter them, a new worldview of the intellectual elite and scientific education of society are needed. And today these are the most urgent tasks for science, education and culture.

The intellectual potential of society in the strategy of global security

The intellectual potential of society in the strategy of global security. Problems of global security are examined in the context of the new UN strategy on sustainable development up to 2030. It is noted that the issues are complex and addressing them requires concerted action by the entire international community. Shows the role of intellectual potential of society in resolving these problems, and the need to reduce the level of aggressiveness of society through culture and art. The most important problem is the need for radical changes in the modern paradigm of a global civilization based on the concept of constant economic growth.

Social Informatics: 25 years development of the Russian Scientific School

Describes the history of formation, present state and prospects of development of Social Informatics as current trends in science and education. Shows distinctive features of the Russian scientific school of Social Informatics and its priority in the formation and development of this direction. Perspective directions of researches in the conditions of formation of the Global Information Society. The necessity of a broader consideration of Social Informatics in education and research training.