Based on cultural policy in China

Currently, the fundamental document on the construction of a new spiritual culture of China are the solutions held in October 2011, the CPC Central Committee Plenum of  the  special  17th  convocation  decorated  Resolution  of  the  CPC  Central  Committee «On some important issues regarding the deepening reform of cultural system, promote
development and prosperity of socialist culture». In  general,  the  question  arises,  what  values  can  be  proposed  CPC  and  how  much they will be in demand in the country, and then – how they can be promoted abroad. The
PRC and CPC leadership is well aware that in the current conditions the country in the ideological and cultural terms should be competitive on the civilizational level. Culture and civilizational values become an important component of the national security of the country and its total power.
Development and application of technologies by China’s «soft power» is an important tool of maintaining internal stability and increasing its international competitiveness.