Bio-sociology: a resource for understanding the youth generation of Russia

The necessity of state youth and education policy shaping and realization is examined with an eye to the new generations’ future development. Some perspectives still appear at the level of tendencies, but we should prepare for them today, though. In this respect the author considers the approaches elaborated in bio-sociology to be significant for elaborating strategies of Russia’s social development. Bio-sociology, in its turn, is defined as a developing interdisciplinary concept that proceeds from the inseparable relation between biologic and social components in the life of a human being and society. The subject of bio-sociology is social activity in the aspects that proceed from the human being’s biologic nature both at the micro- and macro-level. Bio-sociology of the youth is considered as a prospection that allows us to reflect on the upcoming changes in the society’s age structure, in the social status of the youth, to understand its biosocial characteristics in the context of the information society. Bio-sociology of the youth can turn out to be an efficient concept, as the idea of civil society that is predominantly realizing the model of the information society as it is seen nowadays.