Fundamentals of the state cultural policy of Russia: comments on the project and the aproved document

The analysis of the Fundamentals of state cultural policy of Russia is made. For this purpose two texts were examined and compared: the project and the confirmed document. Groundbreaking character of the Fundamentals is marked, though they are underappreciated up until now.

They point at the fundamentally new understanding of culture as a national priority. According to the document, it is culture that must play the main role in shaping a new generation of harmonic, moral people who love their motherland and set heart on its prosperity. It is noticed that Russian culture should have its own identity, based on Russian language and Orthodox faith. It is pointed that the considered document encourages confidential, active cooperation between the state and the society. Nevertheless, as a conclusion it is mentioned that the cultural paradigm outlined in the Fundamentals will be realized only if it will be reconciled with the elaboration of the Strategy of Russia’s cultural policy and the Law on culture, as well as with the consistent implementation of these documents.