Humanitarian and technological revolution, crisis of conscience, risks and future projects

We consider the strategic risks and the most serious threats that humankind is likely to face in the first half of the 21st century. The main hazards are not external, but internal. They are associated with an acute lack of awareness and responsibility, with a blocking of reflection. All this leads to the so-called “crisis of conscience”, atomization of society and the rupture of the connection between generations.

In this context, we reconsider the global perspectives most often considered in the scientific literature – “digitalization of reality”, “hyper observation”, “globalization” and others. The development in each of these scenarios will proceed according to the worst variant without revising and strengthening moral and ethical standards.

We pay special attention to the strategic priorities of the world of Russia being at the bifurcation point. The main problems of our country are internal, the main enemy is backwardness. We outlined the ways and prospects for solving Russia’s strategic tasks.