What the Motherland begins with? Juvenile literature as the national security strategic priority

Modern world is characterized by informational transparency of state borders, spread of “soft power” and “color revolutions” technologies. In these circumstances development of national culture and preservation of civilizational identity become an important factor in order to provide national security of a state. Bringing-up of the younger generation in the atmosphere of native traditions, including spiritual, knowledge of Russia’s history and pride in its achievements – all this is taking on special significance. To be a patriot is to love one’s Motherland, but one can’t love something that he doesn’t know. It is literature that plays an important role as far as informal exploring and emotional experience of Motherland’s history are concerned. Russian governmental prize in the sphere of culture (2014) was for the first time given to the writer S.S. Sukhinov for his literary trilogy for the young “Treasure and cross”. This is the evidence of the fact that at last the state has attached significance to the culture for children and to the topic of patriotic education. There are a lot of problems to solve in this sphere, though.