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From institutes of culture to institutes of culture: historical and pedagogical analysis

This article analyzes the changes that have taken place in Russian institutes of culture in more than half a century since its inception. There are three historical periods in the development of institutions of this type: 1) create a network of institutes of culture throughout the country (1964-1989). 2) mass renaming of institutes of culture and expansion of the range of educational programs implemented (1990s – 2012).; 3) the period of changes in Russian higher education and the state cultural policy (since 2013).

Cultural aspects of information security in the XXI century

Analyzes cultural aspects of information security further development of modern civilization. The basic principles of the General theory of evolution and the unity of the fundamental laws of the universe, manifested at different levels of matter self-organization. Discusses the hypothesis of the validity of these laws not only for objects of animate and inanimate nature but also for development of society. Formulated two new global problems of modern civilization: the problem of energy-informational safety of the biosphere and the problem of maintaining the semantic field of traditional cultures of the society.

What the Motherland begins with? Juvenile literature as the national security strategic priority

Modern world is characterized by informational transparency of state borders, spread of “soft power” and “color revolutions” technologies. In these circumstances development of national culture and preservation of civilizational identity become an important factor in order to provide national security of a state. Bringing-up of the younger generation in the atmosphere of native traditions, including spiritual, knowledge of Russia’s history and pride in its achievements – all this is taking on special significance. To be a patriot is to love one’s Motherland, but one can’t love something that he doesn’t know.