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Global World V.I. Vernadsky

The article notes that V.I. Vernadsky paid great attention in his writings to the formation of a scientific worldview in which globalism and evolutionism occupied a significant place. The scientist laid the scientific foundations of the research of global processes and can rightfully be considered the founder of the science of the global world.

Security of civilization in the context of sustainable development

The article analyzes the problem of interconnection of security and development and the establishment of the new security concept of values. The concept of sustainable development, introduced in the last decades, combines a unified system of conservation (security) and change (progressive development) of civilization with environmental conservation. Sustainable development in the broadest sense is seen…

Ursul, A. D.

Ursul, Arkady D. – Doctor of Philosophy Hab., Professor, Director, Center for global studies, Faculty of Global Studies, Lomonosov Moscow State University; Fellow, Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Full Member of the International Academy of Global Studies, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation. E-mail: