The future as a problem of scientific research

A global catastrophe can only be prevented through proactive decisions and actions, which significantly increases the attention to the study of the future. Turn to the future in science and other fields, the authors consider the process of futurization, and rassmatrivaetsya also a form of accelerated futurization, including those with advanced reflection and development. Special attention is paid to this type of futurization as a higher form of activity and rapid development, which leads to increasing interest in futurology and the problem of forecasting, foresight and other future studies.

The authors believe that one should distinguish between spontaneous and deliberate futurization. Moreover, this latter is related to the recognition futurization as a purposeful activity characteristics, which is revealed in the processes of transition to sustainable development and noospherogenesis. It is shown that the movement of time from past through present to future, referred to as the “arrow of time”, due to the Big Bang, the birth of the Universe and its subsequent expansion. It is noted that in the inflation period of the formation of the Universe happened fast and in this sense, anticipatory futurepace. New arguments in confirmation of this, previously expressed by the authors of the hypothesis.