Fundamentals of cultural policy: text analysis and political context

The main theme – the study of the specificity of the doctrinal level policy planning and, accordingly, a special «genre» of work on the industry doctrines, concepts and «the basics», which carried out the relevant ministries and agencies, with the participation of  the  expert  community.  During  the  analysis  concludes  that  the  documents  relating to this class, a number of parameters should be distinguished from scientific texts, as they include a system of mandatory general installations, designed for a broad audience, and easy to understand. It is this fact raises a number of problems associated with the evaluation criteria of quality of work done. Based on the analysis of the draft worked out suggestions for their improvement, including the need to take into account the principle of unity of cultural and natural heritage, including the relevant sections of the cultural heritage of our compatriots abroad, remaining outside the Russian Federation, as well as to initiate changes in tax legislation. As a guide for emergency revision of the document proposed to use the State report on the state of culture in the Russian Federation in 2013, prepared with the participation of the Russian Research Institute for Cultural and Natural Heritage. DS Likhachev.