Strategic priorities for building a national cultural sovereignty

The question of sovereignty in the era of globalization is the collision of two divergent trends. The  article  considers  the  cultural  sovereignty  of  the  USSR  and  its  loss  in  the Russian  Federation.  Is  it  possible  to  take  urgent  government  measures  to  reproduce cultural specimen, which is almost lost? This question can be solved by recourse to the theory and practice of cultural development in modern conditions. National culture and national state are inseparable from each other. But the heyday of national cultures has passed. The sovereignty of the national states in the cultural sphere is becoming more and more vague.
Today is the time for patriotic computer games which are produced by some agencies and  private  producers  Among  them  are  –  «The  Truth  about  the  Ninth  Squadron», «Confrontation. The  peace  enforcement»  (based  on  the  Ossetian-Georgian  conflict  of August 2008) and others. There arises an acute question of the national film production sovereignty and the claim of the government on cultural hegemony. However, market production takes into account the needs and demand, because the production costs are invested by businesses. Today producers of cultural products are actively protected by UNESCO. The author of the article calls for time-relevant work and for investments in culture. This is exactly the way the Chinese work when they are getting ready to compete with U.S. global companies.